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Neilsen’s Soil & Organics supply a range of Soil Blends designed primarily for the use in Urban Development– Major Road, Rail & Airport Infrastructure, Parks & Gardens, Commercial Precincts, and Residential Subdivisions.

The material used to produce the Soil Blends is natural and forms part of the sand extraction process, generating the ideal base material which is best defined as a sandy loam in texture. The sandy loam material undergoes further amelioration by way of introducing a certified compost to complete the mix and provide it with the essential organic component it requires to produce the ideal growing media.

The Soil Blends comply with the following Australian, State and Local Government Standards:

  • Department of Transport & Main Roads (MRTS 16)
  • Australian Standards – Soils for Landscaping & Garden Use (AS 4419)
  • Australian Standards – Compost, Soil Conditioners & Mulches (AS 4454)
  • Australian Standards – Potting Mixes (AS 3743)

Neilsen’s Soil & Organics are proud of the many working partnerships they enjoy within the industry and welcome the opportunity to supply Civil Contractors, Landscape Contractors, Building Contractors, Landscape Yards, Tipper Companies and Landscape Gardeners with a wide range of wholesale products:

  • Topsoil
  • Under Turf
  • Organic Garden Soil
  • Top Dress
  • Forest Mulch
  • Coarse Mulch
  • Potting Mix

Soil Blends are naturally organic, chemical free and are available in bulk supply from 10 tonne to substantial volumes in excess of 100,000 tonne.

For all Soil Sales please contact Harry Lewis on 0436 528 696 alternatively please Email: harry.lewis@neilsens.com.au 

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