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Neilsen’s Technical Services Laboratory was first accredited by The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in 1999 and retains continued accreditation.

Neilsen’s Technical Services has grown and innovated to ensure The Neilsen Groups products and services meet the high levels of performance and compliance expected by our customers.

Neilsen’s Technical Services is staffed with a skilled, experienced and accredited team keen to work closely with customers and specifiers to deliver results and solutions with accuracy and integrity.

The Laboratory offers fee based testing services, consistent with its NATA accreditation, for concrete, grout and mortar, and aggregates and is conditionally available for public testing.

The Laboratory most often provides NATA endorsed concrete and aggregate sampling, testing and reporting in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Statutory and project specifications.

Neilsen’s Technical Services provides expert advice to projects, from pre-start through to completion, on concrete mix design and mix selection, quality control, statistical analysis and project assessment.