Fuel Levy

Due to the extraordinary increase in the cost of fuel and the impact it is having on transportation, to ensure we can continue our level of service to you Neilsens will be implementing a Fuel Levy to all concrete purchased from 1st April 2022. This will apply regardless of any previous quotations that have been provided or agreements that are in place.

Therefore, effective 1st April 2022, every m3 of concrete purchased will incur the Fuel Levy.

The Fuel Levy for the Month of April 2022 will be $6.83/ m3 + GST

May 2022 Fuel Levy

As previously advised, the Fuel Levy on Premixed Concrete that was implemented 1st April 2022 is being recalculated monthly and published on www.neilsens.com.au

As explained in the last communication issued to customers, this situation has been complicated by the Federal Government temporarily halving Fuel Excise whilst removing the On-Road Diesel Fuel Rebate and halving the Off-Road Diesel Rebate.

The Fuel Levy that is being applied to concrete invoices captures the fuel cost increase being passed onto us. The result of this is a lag between the actual Fuel Price fluctuation and the Fuel Levy being applied.

Therefore, the May 2022 Fuel Levy will reduce to $4.73/m3


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