In March 2017 Neilsen’s secured approval to extract Sand and Gravel from Bald Hills land holdings located across the River from the Brendale processing plant; the site is forecast to supply sand and gravel to the local market for more than 12 Years.

However, before extraction could commence, Neilsens was conditioned to complete various site works  including the construction of a bridge over the South Pine Rover , linking Bald Hills extraction site with the Brendale Processing Plant; some 16 earth mounds on the Eastern and North Eastern boundaries of the site . Each mound being 70metre long, 5 Metre high and some 15 Metres wide at the base, Drainage Channels and wetland and Planting of 2500 trees.

These works were completed in July 2017, allowing actual extraction from the Bald Hills resource to commence in Mid July 2017.