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Neilsen's Concrete Pty Ltd & Neilsen's Quality Gravels Pty Ltd

The Neilsen Group

From our inception as a family owned and operated company in 1976, the Neilsen Group has grown to become the largest independent supplier of premixed concrete and quarry products in South Eastern Queensland.

Neilsens supplies a wide range of products such as:

- Premixed Concrete
- Exposed Aggregate Concrete
- Coloured Concrete
- Block Fill
- Special Class Mix Concrete
- Pool Mixes
- Shotcrete
- 20MPA to 50MPA Concrete
- Concrete Blocks
- Concrete Reinforcements
- Manufactured Sand
- Fill
- River Stones
- Sand
- Basalt


Neilsens Concrete  
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1300 266 273
1300 266 273
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Neilsens Gravels 
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These products can be used in but not limited to:

- Exposed Concrete Driveways
- Coloured Concrete Driveways
- Patios
- Garden Sheds
- Paths
- Equestrian Areas
- Pools
- Retaining Walls
- Landscaping
- Buildings
- Road Bases
- Sand Pits
- Gardening
- Post Holes
- Columns
- Bridges and Tunnels
- Road Works
- Site Filling

Neilsens Brendale GravelsBrendale:

Neilsens Quality Gravels was established by the Neilsen family in 1978 at its Sand and River Gravel site adjacent to the South Pine River to produce sand and aggregates primarily for the concrete industry, and from those small beginnings, has developed to become the largest Independent supplier of concrete aggregates and quarry materials in SE Qld.
The Brendale resource has enabled Neilsens to build a reputation on the supply of natural sand and river aggregates, and is now looking to continue this with the approval to extract from adjacent reserves fully owned by the company.

Neilsens Beaudesert Gravel QuarryBeaudesert:

Neilsens commenced operations at the Cryna (Beaudesert) Hard Rock Basalt Quarry in 1997 to meet the increasing demand for concrete aggregates, and to enable entrance into the Road Base and Drainage Aggregate markets. With the initial resource reaching completion, the company secured approval for additional reserves in late 2012, which will enable Neilsens to continue to supply the
market for at least another 30 years.

Neilsens Concrete ReinforcementNeilsens Concrete Reinforcement

In 2011 Neilsens Concrete Pty Ltd expanded to include the supply and delivery of concrete reinforcements to our customers.
The expansion into reinforcements gives us the ability to service the needs of the home handy man or small business with a one stop shop for your basic concreting needs.

Neilsens Quality Gravel - Bromelton QuarryNeilsens Quality Gravels – Bromelton Quarry

A key focus of the Neilsen Group has always been to supply a high quality product while keeping focus on environmentally friendly solutions. With the implementation of the Barmac crusher, there was an increase in crusher dust, a ‘by-product’ of the normal crushing and screening process. Crusher dust can be used as a natural sand substitute if the fines (<75micron) are extracted. Investigations by Neilsens management resulted in the installation of the Air Sweep Plant. More…….

Neilsens Concrete StapyltonNeilsens Concrete Stapylton

The Neilsen Group opened its fourth pre-mixed concrete batching plant at Stapylton. The first of its kind in Australia and second in the world which incorporates technology that allows us to recycle 100% of run off from wash out and plant cleaning, industry fastest and dust free loading as well as improved concrete performance and slump control. Stapylton concrete plant will be servicing south-east Brisbane down to Southport.

Neilsens Quality Gravel - Bromelton QuarryNeilsens Concrete Carole Park

The Neilsen Group has adopted an environmentally friendly approach to returned concrete with our Jade Air reclaimer. The Jade Air reclaims sand and aggregates ready for re-use in fresh concrete while eliminating grey water and preventing yard run off to storm water drains. This replaces the need for traditional washout, cleaning and dumping to landfill practices.

CCAA Smart Concreting App Released

CCAA Smart Concreting AppIf you want to place your concrete with the best results look no further than the newly released Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) Smart Concreting App. 

The app utilises local weather and atmospheric data to calculate evaporation rates. This provides simple guidelines on concrete cracking conditions to site personnel on construction projects to help prevent defects and encourage best practice. 

Drawing on multiple data sources it provides: 

- real time weather guidance on the potential for plastic shrinkage cracking 
- weather information allowing construction decisions to be made up to a week in advance 
- background information on critical factors affecting concrete cracking including temperature, wind speed and relative humidity 
- knowledge on how to prevent costly mistakes and remedial work 
- easy access to valuable and relevant CCAA information on best practice guidelines for concrete placement 
- knowledge about concrete, how it behaves and industry best practice 

The app can be downloaded FREE from the iTunes and Google Play stores on your smart phone by searching for smart concreting or CCAA. 

The Neilsen Group
From our inception as a family owned and operated company in 1976, the Neilsen Group has grown to become one of the largest independent suppliers of premixed concrete and quarry products within South Eastern Queensland.
Neilsens Concrete  
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Neilsens Gravels 
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