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Verifi® In-Transit Slump Management System

The Neilsen Group deploys Verifi® In Transit Concrete Slump Management System across entire agitator fleet

Neilsens, with already having an impeccable industry reputation for supplying highest quality concrete, has raised the bar again by being the first concrete producer in Queensland and one of only few in Australia to adopt the world recognised Verifi® In Transit Concrete Management System.

Our Challenge

As a progressive company, CEO Mario Panuccio is continually exploring technical advances in the production and delivery of ready mix concrete. This is where a visit to the Con/Agg expo in Las Vegas had The Neilsen Group Concrete Manager, Arthur Walton and Group CEO, Mario Panuccio buzzing with anticipation on the data accuracy claims of the Verifi® In Transit Concrete Management System.

The Solution

GCP have been business technology partners with the Neilsen Group for over 20 years. GCP understands the complex challenges of concrete production, such as ensuring the consistency and quality of the concrete as it is transported to the job site. GCP’s Patented Verifi® System gives Neilsens the ability to monitor, measure and manage concrete in transit from the batching plant to the job site. To take the guess work out of slump measurement, a series of sensors and an onboard computer are installed on the truck to provide real time measurement of the concrete slump and temperature during transport. When the system detects the concrete slump needs adjusting Verifi® automatically adds the precise amount of water or admixtures to ensure the concrete arrives within tolerance and at the required slump each and every time.


“Gaining visibility into the concrete in its plastic state in transit is a huge advantage. We no longer have the issue of adjusting the slump on arrival to site, we are ready to pour immediately when the concrete arrives to your project. Gaining control of this previously unattended process ensures we can provide our customers with a higher quality and more consistent product which in turn will reduce valuable time and labour costs on your site.”

Mario Panuccio B. Eng., MIE (Aust)., The Neilsen Group CEO.