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NATA AccreditedNEILSEN’S TECHNICAL SERVICES LABORATORY was first accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) in 1999.

From humble beginnings with a staff of one the laboratory now employs 10 personnel on a full time basis and through recent improvements and Company expansion now houses the southern area sales and production departments.

Neilsen's technical services laboratory

As volumes and type of project works that are undertaken by the company continue to vary and specifications become more critical, the laboratory plans to expand its testing capabilities into the aggregate properties testing field.

Whilst past history records the laboratory testing projects such as housing developments, apartment buildings and occasional precast and Mainroads tenders, the future direction will include further high rise developments such as the Redcliffe, Mon Komo project currently under construction, structural grouts and shotcrete for road applications and other general and special projects, all of which require product research and development carried out in the laboratory.


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