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Neilsens Brendale Gravel QuarryBrendale
Neilsens Quality Gravels was established by the Neilsen family in 1978 at its Sand and River Gravel site adjacent to the South Pine River to produce sand and aggregates primarily for the concrete industry, and from those small beginnings, has developed to become the largest Independent supplier of concrete aggregates and quarry materials in SE Qld.
The Brendale resource has enabled Neilsens to build a reputation on the supply of natural sand and river aggregates, and is now looking to continue this with the approval to extract from adjacent reserves fully owned by the company.
Neilsens Beaudesert Gravel QuarryBeaudesert:
Neilsens commenced operations at the Cryna (Beaudesert) Hard Rock Basalt Quarry in 1997 to meet the increasing demand for concrete aggregates, and to enable entrance into the Road Base and Drainage Aggregate markets. With the initial resource reaching completion, the company secured approval for additional reserves in late 2012, which will enable Neilsens to continue to supply the
market for at least another 30 years.
Neilsens Bromelton Gravel QuarryBromelton
The demand for high quality basalt aggregates and Road Base materials resulted in Neilsens securing a lease to develop a site at Bromelton (Beaudesert). Operations commenced in mid 2008, and enabled Neilsens to supply high quality concrete aggregates to numerous Projects including the Airport Link and Legacy Way Tunnels, in addition to Road Bases to numerous road construction projects.
Neilsens Quality Gravel - Bromelton QuarryKin Kin
Further growth of Neilsens operations was achieved when secured the Kin Kin Quarry based on high quality Andesite reserves). After extension development works, the site is programmed to commence operations in late 2013, whereby it will be well positioned to supply high quality concrete aggregates and road construction materials to the Sunshine Coast and beyond.


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