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think about how your project will look on completionEnvisage:

Think about what you want your project to look like at completion.

If you are planning to use an exposed aggregate concrete, for example
for a driveway, look at the colour scheme of your house and the surrounding
houses for ideas.



Once you know your colour scheme, talk to your concrete placer to get the measurements of the concrete slab you will be placing.

If you are a DIY handyman you can input your measurements into the calculator
on the right, give our sales team a call on 1300 CONCRETE or simply use
the ‘get a quote’ button and someone will be in contact with you.



Make sure all of your formwork is complete before you confirm your concrete.

Did you know that Neilsens also supplies steel mesh reinforcements, used in
concrete for strength in jobs such as;

- Concrete Driveways                              - Concrete Patio’s
- Water Tank Concrete Slabs                  - Shed Slabs
- Concrete Exposed Carports                 - Concrete Paths

Your local council will be able to give you the requirements for your particular job.


admire your workAdmire:

Your concreting is done and you can sit back and admire your hard work.

Remember; if you want the colours of exposed aggregate to stay prominent you
will need to use a sealant. This will also help to prevent staining on
driveways and patios.

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