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In 2011 Neilsens Concrete Pty Ltd expanded to include
the supply and delivery of concrete reinforcements
to our customers.

The expansion into reinforcements gives us the ability to
service the needs of the home handy man or small
business with a one stop shop for your basic concreting needs.




steel reinforcementSimply work out your measurements in m2
(Length x Width) and give us a call.

work out your measurements & give us a call!




Steel rebar is used before the laying/placing of concrete to ensure the stability under load and to aid in the
prevention of the concrete cracking. The reinforcement gives it a higher tensile strength where concrete by
itself has quite a low tensile strength. Its uses include:

- Concrete Driveways including Exposed
  Concrete and Coloured Concrete
- Concrete Slabs for garden sheds or industrial sheds
- Concrete Blocks for retaining walls
- Concrete Floors and Patios
- Buildings
- Columns
- Bridges


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